Why Everyone Needs a #Vanlife Adventure Bus


About a month ago we bought a bus. But not just any bus. This is the SLOTH bus and it’s changing the game. #vanlife

It seems like a lot of people are rocking adventure vehicles lately (shout out to WANDXRBUS, Carabiner Coffee Collective, Daniel Norris) but we had to do it a little different. We had to keep it SLOTH style, which led us to this epic school bus.

First things first, we had to do it up with a fresh paint job and some new stickers. Then we gutted the seats and began the internal renovations which so far include:

  • The art desk
  • Some custom wood flooring
  • A couch
  • The Lovesac for when you want to be a sloth

building an adventure bushow to build an adventure bus

adventure bus

You can check out some behind the scenes footage of everything here on the vlog!



Our buddy Ben has been a major help with all the metalwork and we’re working on a sweet roof rack to expand what’s possible. Judging by all of his other projects, he’s going to nail the build.

Needless to say, there’s still a ton of work to be done but it’s well on its way.

That said, everyone needs to experience an adventure bus at some point in their life and here’s why:

Home Goes Where You Go

We can park this thing anywhere for the night and enjoy the comforts of home. So far, we’ve cruised out to Lake Pleasant for the night and we’re planning trips to northern Arizona in the near future.

adventure bus at sunset

Let us know if you want us to roadtrip to your neck of the woods.

So Much More Room for Activities

The adventure bus has room for a hammock, we’ve thrown in stand up paddleboards, skateboards and more. We could cook on a JetBoil or Coleman stove, hook up speakers or even toss in bikes.

This is car camping to the max.

Mobile Art and Creative Studio

Working at a coffee shop, in an office or at home is great most of the time, but there are days you just gotta hit the road and find some inspiration. Whether we’re parking in the woods, lakefront, out in the desert or anywhere between, there’s nothing like setting up where motivation speaks.

And we’re not alone:

YETI presents: Offseason (festival cut) from Ben Moon on Vimeo.


Pop Up Shop Potential and Meeting Fans

Keep an eye out on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (TimmyHam) for more details on this. We’ve launched a few pop ups lately where we offer limited runs of new tees and it gives us a super rad opportunity to connect with you all. We love local business and spreading the love around the neighborhood.



artist does pop up shop

local artist shop

Cross Country Collaboration and Adventure

It’s only a matter of time before the SLOTH bus is fully road trip ready and then it’s time to conquer the world one collaboration at a time. There’s a ton of camaraderie with this community and we can’t wait to connect with others who embrace the wanderlust in life. From artists, videographers, vloggers, musicians and athletes to global vagabonds and beyond, the potential to share this amazing lifestyle is limitless.

Holler if you’re passing through Arizona or if you want to try to meet up at a National Park, beach or city.

We’re down!

With that being said, peace out. Follow your bliss.


Written by Tyler Kurbat

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