That's it... Tomorrow. It's happening.


This is it.

Tomorrow my 4th kid will be born into this world...

So... I recently did a project with Sparkling Ice the beverage company on their campaign "Own Your Flavor" and it's inspired me to write this blog. 


Jesse Zion... 

I’ve been day dreaming of what Jesse will be like. What he'll fall in love with and what his dreams will be. I can’t help but want to protect him from this brutal world.


A world that sometimes feels like it's near impossible to do what you love for a living.

A world that wants you to conform to it's empty agenda. 

A world that has everyone believing that if you follow a set of rules and guide-lines then you’ll have a happy life with green grass and a picket fence and maybe even a super nice dog that likes to play fetch. 

I feel like deep down we all know that it’s all a lie. We all race to get there to realize the world has let us down. And we feel alone and betrayed. 

The machine has it’s own agenda and that agenda isn’t what’s at the core of most of our hearts. We’ve all been there… 

You race to meet a goal and you hit It and then suddenly feel lost like it was going to take you to some magical moment but you just feel like “Thats it?”

You get that game, that car, that paycheck, that house, that whatever… You can fill in the blank… And it never really fulfills that void. 


The world wants us to believe that if it doesn’t feel good now then it never will and so you should only do things that make you feel good in that moment. And when you follow your passions and pursue your dreams you quickly realize that it's not easy and at times it feels more like a struggle than a happy go lucky dream.


The world is tricking us into short-term happiness. 


We trade something great for a easy short term fix of pleasure or happiness thats quickly followed by an emptiness that makes us wanna go repeat that over and over and over just to keep that happiness feeling alive but it never really lasts. I think thats why most of us never really stick with the things we really want to do in life. We drop our passions and dreams a week after we started... Because it starts to get hard and uncomfortable and in our heads we think hey if this is not making me happy at this exact moment then I should just quit...We’ve been brain washed to fear the uncomfortable times in life. 

Jesse… The secret to your life lives in the struggle and uncomfortable chapters of your story…That's where you become you.

I'm not gonna lie.

It’s hard to think of my kids going through the struggles of life. It keeps me up at night. BUT I want my Kids to realize that the struggle isn’t a negative thing. That life is chaotic but it’s beautiful at the same time. The struggle can lead to amazing things if you can just push through.

It's a beautiful struggle. Adapt and learn how to live in it but not be of it.

The struggle is where you find yourself. Where you be come self aware, where you grow, where you learn how to be empathetic towards others, where you learn how to be grateful for the smallest of things and how important that is, the struggle is where it's at and if you can get through the struggle you can do whatever you want in life. 


The struggle isn’t a struggle it’s an opportunity. To grow. To level up. And I wanna be level 100…


So Jesse Zion.


I promise to always follow my passion, to look at the struggles as opportunities not road blocks and to own all of my experiences of life to be exactly who I am created to be so that you have the best road map to stay true to who you are. 


I may not be the dad that is going to  buy you a Lambo or fly you around on a private jet but I can promise you that I will lead by action and what I speak will be more than just useless words but words of affirmation that will support your dreams and passions and will build you up into a man that can’t be moved by the world and its agenda. My foundation will be strong and I will equip you with keys to unlock a world of happiness. I know you’ll be watching my every move ;) So the ball is in my court but someday soon I’ll be passing that ball back to you so you can score. So pay attention and learn the game...


You’re not even born yet and you’re inspiring me already. HA


So to anyone that is reading this… You are your own unique flavor. Made up of all of your passions, experiences and forms of expression and together all of our uniqueness makes the world a better place.


OWN your passions, OWN your story. Lead by action so others can be inspired and experience a fruitful life.


Grow to love every moment and don't be so rushed to end each chapter of life. Have patience and enjoy each chapter and let it build the best story ever read.  Look at struggles as opportunities not set backs and we can all grow together and prove to this world that we don’t need its rules because we play by our own set of rules and it’s our time.


Don’t believe the hype.


Stay up and be great.


Cheers to Jesse Zion… I can’t wait to meet you.

Thank you to Sparkling Ice for supporting my passions its companies like yours that we need more of. Companies that authentically support individuals as their unique self. Hats off!

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July 24, 2018

Congrats on a new life coming into this world! You’ll be a great teacher. It’s always tough to find what works, but with a little guidance and some help along the way, Life is a pretty dope adventure. You’ve been a mentor to me even though we haven’t met in person and I appreciate how transparent you are. Keep being true to yourself, it’s helped me find happiness in myself too.

Wit Rukus
Wit Rukus

July 24, 2018

Sloth you are super inspiring and have changed my life for the better. Because of your videos and work, I pursued my passion and it took a while but I’m starting to crush it in life. Keep being great dude. And congrats on having a new son!

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