Meet Sara Dietschy. The Creative Ninja.

Meet Sara Dietschy.

I first heard of Sara from my friend Greyson. I quickly checked her out and knew she would be someone I'd love to connect with and feature on our blog.

Sara is a fast growing Youtuber and awesome creator of all things awesome. Her videos are full of inspiring individuals pursuing and living out their passions. It always lights a creative fire in me whenever I watch one of her Creative Space interviews.

I hope all you SLOTH minions enjoy what Sara has to share and can learn a thing or two from a young individual chasing and living our her passion.

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So everyone! Meet Sara Dietschy!

1. What inspired you to start making videos? Is it something you've always been passionate about? Was there one moment where you just knew you wanted to be in the creative industry?

I have always been obsessed with editing. It has fascinated me since I got my first iMac with iMovie in Middle School. Some of the first videos I ever made were goofy Photo Booth music videos and embarrassing school projects. I didn’t take video seriously until I graduated High School but it has always been one of my main mediums of expression. Videos are just so much freaking fun to make - I can’t imagine my life without it. 

2. If you had to pick two cameras one for photos and one for videos which one would you pick and why?
Camera for photography - Canon 5d Mark III. Nothing like that gorgeous canon full frame bokeh. 
Camera for video - Sony A7S II. I don’t own one YET but they are amazing. Internal 4K, 1080p @ 120fps and full frame sensor? Ok Sony. Take my money. 
3. How long have you been doing youtube consistently?
First video September 2011. Travel and camera gear videos August 2013 (more regularly but definitely not consistently). Once a week uploads August 2015. 
Once I started uploading consistently last year, I would let nothing come in-between me and the deadline. Yeah, I only had 500 - 2,000 subscribers but the structure forced me to develop my craft at an accelerated rate. When in doubt, don’t stop creating. The only way you will get better is to just keep doing it. 
4. Do you have a bucketlist project?
So. Many. Seriously, my ledger of project ideas is endless. The biggest one on my list for awhile was Creative Spaces TV so it is really cool to be actively pursuing that and seeing it really thrive. 
One really big project that has been on my mind for awhile is a coffee table book. Video is obviously my “thang” but I also love photography and appreciate all different mediums of inspiration. I am not a big reader but I am obsessed with big books with pretty pictures. To have my name on one would be surreal. & it would be something I could give to my grandparents. Half of my family doesn’t really understand this whole “interneting” thing I do. 
5. What's a normal day in the life of Sara like?
Stay up late & wake up late. I am currently working on my whacked out sleep schedule but 10PM - 3AM are my primetime hours to edit. It is when I am wildly inspired so I roll with it. While the sun is out, if I’m not shooting a video (which is 70% of the time), I email, watch YouTube videos, plan things out and chase ideas, have lunch / coffee meetings and just get ish done. Most of the time I am productive, but there are those days when I spiral into the vortex that is YouTube for hours and hours. 

6. Who are a couple people you look up to in life and do you have a mentor or have you ever had one?
Creative - Casey Neistat. Business - Gary Vaynerchuk. They are insanely inspiring individuals who just get stuff done. I look up to them a great deal and the fact that they even know my name now BLOWS. MY. MIND. 
I have had the privilege my entire life to have amazing mentors in my life. Whether it was a worship leader I played with in my church band or my mom, the people in my life have played a major role in who I am and how I operate. Success is impossible without surrounding yourself with the right people. I will always be so grateful for the creative geniuses who have and continue to pour into my life. 
7. How has social media helped you in your career?
Social media is everything. I am so so so thankful to live in the time I do. LIKE GUYS HOW GREAT IS THE INTERNET? If you have an idea or if you have a piece of art - you can share it with people instantly. The amount of people who see it is up to you. That’s where talent and hustle come in. You can do anything in this 2016 world but a small percentage actually make it happen. Find what you’re good at, hustle your heart out and don’t be afraid to share it with the world wide web. Everyone has to start somewhere and the internet is a great place to share that process.
8. What are some daily challenges you face as a creative?
Fitting in everything else that is “not creative” into my life. Of course I deal with the typical self doubt every now and then but I flipping crave to create every single day so it always happens. What doesn’t always happen - laundry and grocery shopping. 
9. What is some good advice for the young bucks that are reading this that want to pursue a creative career?
If you are below the age of 18 you most likely are not paying for rent or food or social events or insurance. This is your time to work your face off and buy that expensive camera and go out shooting every single day. Middle and High School is the perfect time to experiment with new things and learn about yourself. Yes you have to study for your 3 AP tests and that dreaded ACT test but you really don’t have any real responsibilities - EMBRACE IT. Forget that lame party with all the popular kids - the sooner you start your life the sooner you will see results. 
10. Whats your life motto?
Dreams don’t work unless you do. 
11. If you had to choose between one would you rather have two belly buttons or ears without holes?
 Hands down - two belly buttons. I wouldn't be able to listen to music without ear holes. THAT WOULD BE TERRIBLE. 



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